Farm-Raised, But Were They Grass-Fed?

Last night, at Hugo’s, the menu featured chapulines – grasshoppers.  I asked how they were prepared, and the waiter explained they were farm-raised grasshoppers, lightly sauteed with onion, served with guacamole and corn tortillas.

Hard to see, I know

Hard to see, I know

Though we ordered something else, the waiter thoughtfully brought us a sample.  The big white thing in the middle which looks a little like a grub worm is actually onion; the grasshoppers are the dark brown blobs.

Crunchy, as you would expect, but a quick crunch, as they are small.  Very few legs – mostly bodies – what legs were left were drawn in close to the body, maybe a reaction to the heat.  I didn’t ask if they are killed, then cooked, or killed by cooking.

Grasshoppers prepared this way do not taste like chicken.  Oddly, they had a tangy, seafood-y flavor.  I think they would have been tastier with the guacamole, but hey, what isn’t?  They went really well with our tarragon/cranberry-infused palomas.

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