Ring My Bell

The local roller rink bills Thursdays as retro skate.  When I finally got up the gumption to go, by myself, at 2 on a Thursday afternoon, I figured I’d fall right back into the disco rhythm.

Turns out my only skating companions–and this I should have been able to guess–were in the 4- to 6-year-old range.  I could have handled that if that were all.  But there was more.

It turns out that retro no longer necessarily means 70s.  If you are 6 and in the mood for retro, you get Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.  At least those are my best guesses as to whose dross was being extruded through the fuzzed-out speakers.

Just checked the September schedule, and while most Thursdays are still retro skate, September 3rd is set aside as 70s and 80s music.

Thanks for the clarification.  Guess I’ll be skating on September 3rd.

When this played at the Carousel Roller Rink back in the day, I thought of it as my song. I was so fine in my skates and pink Izod shirts!

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